SAVO CIC is one of 5,000 local centres, helping people make the most of technology and widening digital inclusion among the most socially excluded in the UK.

Online Centre No. 8000522

We provide digital skills courses for clients, both via the Learn My Way website and through one-to-one support, and help to promote the nation’s annual Get Online Week each October.

As a member of the Online Centres Network we offer a seven point Quality Promise:

  • Every new learner is given a friendly welcome
  • Every learner is given help and support to use computers and the internet
  • Every learner is provided with free or low-cost internet access
  • Every learner is given guidance on how to find and use public services online
  • Every learner is given advice on what to do next, including being signposted to opportunities outside our centre
  • Every learner is offered a safe place to learn
  • Every learner is treated fairly and with respect.

Since 2010, Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network has helped 2 million learners gain basic digital skills.

Learn My Way

Learn My Way is the online learning website provided by Good Things Foundation for Online Centres Network learners, and it’s designed to make getting online easy.

Our aim is to encourage those without digital skills, and little or no online experience, that the internet has something to offer them, with over 30 courses covering the 9 subjects below: