Listed below are our Staff Management courses; clicking on the course title will open a new page with full details.

  • Recruiting and Selecting Staff (½ or 1 day)
    Develop efficient recruitment practices, “read” applications / select candidates, prepare for interviews and ask pertinent questions.
  • Good Induction Practices (½ day)
    Ensure you have the systems in place to conduct an effective induction and that your employees receive essential information efficiently.
  • Supervising Staff (½ or 1 day)
    Ensure that you are an effective supervisor, having efficient systems in place to motivate and support your staff.
  • How to conduct a staff appraisal (½ day)
    Prepare for and conduct inspiring appraisals.
  • Dealing with difficult staff (½ or 1 day)
    Looks at the causes of difficult behaviour, what systems to have in place and how to conduct a difficult interview.
  • Managing Volunteers (1 day)
    From recruitment through induction, support and development to ensure that you have an effective army of volunteers.