Listed below are our Organisational Management courses; clicking on the course title will open a new page with full details.

  • How to write a simple Business Plan (1 day)
    Practical tips on areas to cover and how to use a plan to develop your business, includes time to make a start on the writing process.
  • Introduction to Publicity and Marketing (½ day)
    Practical tips on how to market your organisation, produce simple posters and newsletters and write strong press releases.
  • Managing Your Finances (½ day)
    Practical tips on managing finances, from drawing up a budget to ensuring that the organisation has sound financial procedures.
  • Organising and Managing Events (½ or 1 day)
    How to plan an event, whom to involve, aspects of budget and publicity. Events in general or specific event types.
  • Writing Policies and Procedures (½ day)
    How to develop key personnel policies for your organisation, how to prepare and consult on the policies and then implement them.

Specifically for Public Sector Organisations

  • Introduction to the Voluntary and Community Sector (½ or 1 day)
    A course for local government, health officers or councillors, wanting to know more about the VCS, how VCS organisations are run, and how you can engage them in partnership working.
  • Partnership Working for LEP Funding (2-4 hours)
    Helps staff working in statutory agencies and local representatives understand the role of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), how the management of European funding for Social Inclusion is changing and requiring more partnership working, and the opportunities and issues that arise in working in partnership with the VCS.