Trustee e-Learning has been endorsed by, and developed with, the Charity Commission, to provide Trustees with easy access to a self-paced training system, which can also be used as a source of reference information.

Once your account has been setup, to LOGIN / access the Trustee e-Learning modules:

  1. click on ‘Learner Login‘ on the Top Menu
  2. then from your Profile page click on ‘SAVO CIC‘ at the top left of the page
  3. then click on ‘Trustee e-Learning Course‘ on the Top Menu
  4. then click on ‘Curriculum‘ under the large green box
  5. then click on the Module / Lesson you want to access.
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Trustee e-Learning

Over 2,500 learners, both new and experienced trustees, have accessed these modules and used them to improve their trustee experience and their organisations operations.

“Thank you for the excellent value for money e-learning trusteeship course which I have recently completed. It was quite an eye opener as I never appreciated how much information a trustee is required to know. The learning will prove to be worthwhile in my role as a new trustee for a small charity. Now the best bit is applying that learning to help provide a well governed charity.”

“Our trustees have commented on how much we have learned about our role, and how very overdue this is for us… So thank you!  We are already better equipped for our roles (and some of us have been trustees for more than 15 years!)”

“Congratulations on an excellent training programme and resources. I shall be commending it to my fellow trustees and others who might be interested.”

“I’m finding the modules very interesting and quite absorbing! Time flies by when I’m working through them.”

“I just completed my online test. It took me a couple of tries but I am so excited to have it complete. The information provided is professional. Thank you for providing the service and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

This course includes and E-Induction and 12 self-contained modules on a range of subjects including governance, roles & responsibilities, meetings, business planning, finance and fundraising:

  • E-Induction – Introduction to the E-Learning process (FREE OF CHARGE)
  • All about Trusteeship – the background to Trusteeship and the VCS (FREE OF CHARGE)
  • All about Charities – the different legal structures
  • Leadership – Governance and Leadership roles in detail
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Trustee Roles and Responsibilities in detail, as well as the Trustee Standards
  • Complying with the Law – what legislation Trustee Boards need to meet – both Trusteeship and general legislation
  • Building an Effective Board – the components of an Effective Board, looking at Diversity issues, recruiting and reviewing trustees and mergers
  • Good Governance – how Trustee Boards can practically meet the two Codes of Governance
  • Business Planning – how to develop strategic, business and other plans.
  • Effective Trustee Meetings – how to ensure meetings are practical, purposeful and productive
  • Financial Management – looks at aspects of budgeting, cash flow, management and annual accounts in detail
  • Managing People – looks at aspects of managing senior managers, staff and volunteers and the trustees’ role in this
  • Evaluation and Quality – Trustees’ role in evaluating the organisations’ work, introducing key quality standards – PQASSO and Investors in People

The above course modules are available on our new e-learning platform for a donation of £89 / learner to cover our hosting and updating costs, but is available FREE OF CHARGE to any individual or group who subscribe to our Trustee Training or Organisation Start Up or Review consultation / training services .