This half day course is designed for voluntary and community organisations and those involved in community development who need to write funding applications and want to ensure that their bids are clear, focussed and meet the funders’ criteria.

Areas covered

Understanding what types of funding are available and some of the potential benefits and pitfalls of submitting applications to particular funders
Pinpointing the differences that your organisation or projects make to your users
How to develop a funding plan
Key elements of a strong funding application and common mistakes that people make
Determining outputs, outcomes and performance indicators
Good answers to typical application form questions.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.

In-house courses

The course is designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate the specific needs of a particular organisation or agency. For example, the trainer could work with a team of people on a particular bid, looking at each question in detail and facilitating some of the bid writing.

In addition to running the course, SAVO is happy, for a small fee, to look over and provide constructive criticism on a draft funding bid.


  • To help participants understand the importance of developing a funding plan for their group
  • To briefly introduce different sources of funding and grants paperwork
  • To ensure participants understand the importance of having clear ideas and objectives as to why they want funding and what it will be used for
  • To ensure participants understand the dos and don’ts of submitting funding applications and the importance of ensuring that their projects and work match the specific funder’s criteria.

Target Audience

People working in the voluntary and community sector or those working in statutory agencies involved in community development.


From £150 + travel costs.