This half day or whole day course is designed to support both novice and experienced trustees in providing effective governance within their organisations. It considers their roles and responsibilities in general before looking at particular areas in more detail.

The half day course covers all the essential information; the whole day session includes specific exercises and case studies to develop the participants’ problem-solving skills.

Areas covered

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and trustee board
  • Roles and Responsibilities of trustee boards
  • Paperwork needed to ensure an effective and well managed board
  • Governance vs Management – understanding the difference
  • Risk reviewing your organisation
  • Business planning
  • Good financial management
  • Ensuring trustee boards have constructive and productive trustee meetings.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.

In-house courses

The course is designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate the specific needs of a particular organisation. It can be run as a half day or whole day session and it can be incorporated into a trustee away day where we act as both trainers and facilitators.


  • To help participants understand their roles and responsibilities as trustees or trustee / directors
  • To develop role descriptions for the different officers on the Trustee Board
  • To critically appraise their own organisation and their roles as trustees
  • To understand how to undertake a risk review of their organisation.

Target Audience

Trustees and senior staff in both large and small charities. It can be equally useful for both novice and experienced trustees. The course can be adapted to suit particular needs.


From £150 + travel costs.