This half day or whole day course is designed around a project planning workbook that will provide participants with questions and practical advice to ensure that a project is well thought-out and practical, with clear aims and objectives. It will also help to ensure that if you are applying for project funding that you have answers to all the likely questions you will be asked.

The half day course will cover the basics and ensure that the most important areas of project planning are addressed. The course could be extended to a whole day, covering all the areas and offering time for participants to complete the majority of the work book. The course would be suitable for anyone who is planning a project or who needs to re-focus a project that is not working effectively.

Areas covered

  • Ensuring that your project overview, aims and objectives are clear and rational
  • Conducting your research – what to find out, demonstrating the need for the project and what research methods to use
  • Planning your project – governance arrangements, understanding outputs, outcomes and impact
  • Equality and diversity issues
  • Drawing up the project budget and monitoring this
  • Marketing and publicising your project.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.


  • To help participants understand the importance of preparing a project plan
  • To ensure that they have a clear overview of their project and what it will try to achieve
  • To ensure that participants undertake proper research on the need for their project and understand from where they can obtain the information
  • To understand the different technical terms such “outputs, “outcomes”, “impact” and “milestones”
  • To look at different areas of the project to ensure that participants are aware of the factors to consider in preparing their plan.

Target Audience

People working, or volunteering, in the VCS and those staff in statutory agencies who work closely with VCS groups or on community projects. The course can be adapted to suit your needs.


From £150 + travel costs.