This half day course is designed to help managers and supervisors to develop or hone their interviewing skills and ensure that your organisation’s recruitment processes are rigorous but fair. It will cover how to develop an efficient recruitment process, how to read a CV or application form to ensure that you choose the right candidates for interview, how to organise and conduct the interview process and the follow-up procedures.

It can be adapted to cover the needs of organisations, statutory agencies or small businesses. Although scheduled as a half day course, it can be extended to cover a whole day to include some role play interviews.

Areas covered

  • Developing a strong recruitment process
  • Factors that determine where you advertise your recruitment opportunities
  • The recruitment pack – what to include
  • The selection process – how to read between the lines, how to score the selection of candidates
  • Organising the interviews – the methods you can use including group exercises, presentations and the actual interview
  • What questions to ask and how to interpret the candidates’ answers
  • The follow-up process.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be delivered in house. The half-day session would cover the basics; the whole day session could include some interview role plays.

In-house courses

The course is designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate the specific needs of a particular organisation or agency. Participants can, for example, look at particular types of job or spend part of the course developing effective recruitment processes so that there is a consistent approach across the whole organisation.


  • To help participants understand the importance of developing clear, fair and efficient recruitment processes
  • To help participants develop their skills in assessing candidates’ strengths and weaknesses both on paper and in the interview
  • To help participants determine what processes to adopt and what questions to ask to ensure that they choose the strongest candidate.

Target Audience

People working in the voluntary and community sector, for statutory agencies or in business. The course can be adapted to suit particular needs.


From £150 + travel costs.