A half day course for those who find themselves taking and presenting minutes for different kinds of meetings. The session will provide practical tips on how to write minutes that are clear and more concise and how to save time during the minute-taking process. It will be a useful session for both novice and experienced minute takers.

Areas covered

  • Understanding the formality or informality of meetings and how this affects the way minutes are written
  • Writing in the “passive voice” and useful phrases to use to save time
  • Preparation for a meeting: terms of reference, agenda setting and what to bring with you
  • What to write down in your notes
  • Design: how to lay out the minutes – different formats
  • Minute taking exercises.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.

In-house courses

The course is designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate the specific needs of a particular organisation or agency. For example, the course could be designed around writing minutes for specific types of meetings such as committee meetings, team meetings, project meetings etc.


  • To give participants strategies for taking and presenting clear and concise minutes
  • To provide guidance on how to prepare for a meeting when in a minute taking  role
  • To provide participants with a range of options for presenting minutes
  • To give participants practical advice on how to save time spent on the minute-taking process.

Target Audience

People working in the voluntary and community sector, for statutory agencies or in business. The course can be adapted to suit particular needs.


From £150 + travel costs.