Can be run as a one day or two day course. Whereas the one day course concentrates on Speaking Skills in delivering a talk and allows time for participants to prepare and deliver a very short talk, the two day course offers the opportunity for participants to deliver a longer (15 minute) talk and includes consideration of other situations where speaking skills are important such as talking in meetings, talking at interviews etc.

Areas covered

  • Understanding the causes and physical / mental signs of nerves and potential solutions for overcoming these
  • Practical preparation for giving a talk – what to find out in advance about the venue, the audience, the talk itself
  • Developing your voice range – practical exercises
  • Effective body language and developing your word power
  • How to structure a talk and effective beginnings and endings
  • Interesting and dynamic structures to use and how to project your personality through your talk
  • Effective visual aids and how to use them.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.

In-house courses

The course is designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate the specific needs of a particular organisation or agency. For example, the course could be designed around a particular type of presentation, work area or audience. In some cases, for example, rather than giving a talk, participants could spend part of the afternoon in small groups devising a number of different structures for a particular topic area e.g. a fundraising or marketing talk.


  • to give participants a broad overview of speaking and presentation skills
  • to provide suggestions for overcoming nerves
  • to help participants develop their vocal abilities and word power
  • to provide advice on structuring and delivering interesting and dynamic talks.

Target Audience 

People working in the voluntary and community sector, for statutory agencies or in business.

The course can be adapted to suit particular needs.


From £250 + travel costs