This half day course is designed to help staff working in statutory agencies, and local representatives, understand the role of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), how the management of European funding for Social Inclusion is changing and requiring more partnership working, and the opportunities and issues that arise in working in partnership with the VCS.

Areas covered

  • The function and roles of LEPs
  • What is meant by the term “Social Inclusion”
  • The practicalities of developing and managing European-funded projects and the support mechanisms available
  • Understanding what the VCS contributes to local communities and how VCS organisations operate, including a brief introduction to VCS legal structures
  • The benefits of working in partnership with VCS organisations and some of the issues that arise that can make partnership working difficult.

This course could be run for an individual statutory agency or could be delivered as a public course for a number of agencies.

It could also be adapted for VCS organisations who want to find out more about how they could be involved in social Inclusion partnership projects.


  • To help participants understand the role of LEPs and how they can ensure they participate and tackle the key issues of Social Inclusion
  • To help participants understand the contribution that VCS organisations make to their local communities
  • To ensure participants understand both the benefits of working in partnership with the VCS and the issues that VCS groups face in taking on partnership projects that involve statutory agencies and European funding.

Target Audience

People working in the statutory sector and their elected representatives.
The course can also be adapted for VCS groups who want to learn more about LEPs, European funding and how they can assist in meeting Social Inclusion agendas.


From £150 + travel costs