This half day or whole day course is designed for those who are new to either working in or with the voluntary and community sector, including staff, councillors and committee members working in statutory agencies.

It will help you understand how the sector works, the various legal forms of organisations, issues of governance and sustainability so that you are able to work more effectively in partnership with the sector and understand its funding needs.

The half day course covers the basic information; the longer course can include further subjects such as the use of volunteers and typical issues that face trustee boards and management committees.

Areas covered

  • Understanding the scope of the sector
  • The different legal structures and types of charities
  • Governance issues: roles and responsibilities
  • The policies and procedures that govern the sector
  • Funding sources for VCS groups
  • VCS infrastructure groups
  • Local Compacts.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be run in house.


  • To provide information on VCS structures and the policies that regulate the sector
  • Understanding issues of governance and management
  • To further develop relations and understanding across the public and VCS sectors
  • To alert participants to the opportunities for effective partnerships
  • To impart an understanding of the additionality that the VCS brings to communities across the county and the different roles that the VCS plays.

Target Audience

People (either staff, councillors or local representatives) working in statutory agencies or those new to working or volunteering in the voluntary and community sector. It might also be useful for companies who want to develop their corporate social responsibilities. The course can be adapted to suit particular needs.


From £150 + travel costs