This full day course provides an introduction to the basic skills needed to use a computer at home or in the workplace, covering health and safety issues with using computers, saving and organising files and finding information on the internet.

The course also shows how to highlight, copy, cut and paste – essential skills that once mastered can be applied across all software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and email.

Areas covered

  • Turn computer on and off safely
  • Explore the difference between hardware and software
  • Use mouse: left click, right click, double click, click and drag
  • Use the keyboard: space bar, enter, backspace, delete, shift, caps lock, etc.
  • Maximise, minimise and resize window
  • Open programs from desktop and start menu
  • Create, save, print and retrieve documents
  • Highlight, cut, copy and paste
  • Use the internet and search engines to find information
  • How to find pictures and insert into a Word document
  • How to amend pictures, move and resize within the document
  • Be aware of health and safety issues.

This course could be run as part of a training programme or could be delivered in house.


  • To give you a basic understanding of how to use a computer, including the difference between hardware and software
  • To be aware of the wide range of health and safety issues involved in working with computers
  • To learn how to effectively and safely use the internet
  • To learn basic functions which are common across different programs.

Target Audience

Anyone who is new to using computers or has very limited computer skills. The course can be adapted to suit your needs.


From £250 + travel costs